Exciting Upgrades and Changes: Galaxy S24 Ultra Hands-On Images


We are less than two months away from the official unpacked event for the Galaxy S24 series, and exciting details are starting to emerge. Recently, new hands-on images of the S24 Ultra have been released, showcasing some thrilling upgrades and changes. Additionally, there is groundbreaking news about the potential camera sensor for the Galaxy S25 Ultra next year. Let’s dive into the details!

Hands-On Images of the S24 Ultra

The hands-on images of the S24 Ultra, courtesy of the Chinese news website called SOI, provide us with a sneak peek at the upcoming device. Comparing it to the S23 Ultra, we can already spot several notable changes and improvements.

Design Changes

Starting with the design, the S24 Ultra features a brand new one-strip speaker grill, replacing the multiple holes found on previous flagship phones. This design change suggests a better speaker performance compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the microphone has been relocated to the top of the phone, resulting in two microphones instead of one, as seen on the S23 Ultra.

Enhanced Features

Examining the sides of the device, we can observe the familiar camera lenses and the power and volume keys in the same positions as the S23 Ultra. However, the buttons on the S24 Ultra are slightly larger. Another significant change is the use of titanium material for the top and bottom of the phone, providing a flatter and more premium feel compared to the standard aluminum found on previous models.

Optimized Performance

The middle frame of the S24 Ultra is slightly thicker than its predecessor, possibly to accommodate a new and improved thermal cooling solution. This enhancement allows for optimal performance from the overclocked Snapdragon agent 3 for Galaxy.

Galaxy S25 Ultra Camera Sensor

While the S24 Ultra offers impressive upgrades, for those currently using the S23 Ultra, waiting for the S25 Ultra might be a wise decision. According to the latest leak, Samsung is planning to introduce their most significant camera upgrade ever. The company has reportedly been working on a 1-inch camera sensor capable of delivering a 200-megapixel output and a lossless 4X sensor zoom.

Next-Level Photography

If these plans come to fruition, the 1-inch 200-megapixel sensor would be a remarkable improvement over the already impressive 108-megapixel sensor found in the S24 Ultra and S23 Ultra. This leak aligns with Samsung’s long-term vision of creating a 440-megapixel sensor with a 1-inch size within the next five years.

Looking Ahead

The potential camera advancements in the S25 Ultra present an exciting prospect for photography enthusiasts. However, for users of flagship phones predating the S23 Ultra, the S24 Ultra already offers a substantial upgrade. The combination of design changes, enhanced features, and optimized performance make the S24 Ultra a compelling choice.


The upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to be a game-changer in the smartphone industry with its sleek design, improved features, and notable performance enhancements. Whether you are eagerly awaiting the S25 Ultra or considering an upgrade from an older flagship model, Samsung’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries ensures an exciting future for smartphone enthusiasts. Share your thoughts on these developments in the comments below!

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